About us

Dear visitor / future partner,

Our company is capable of manufacturing steel structures up to 10.000 kg (individual and serial production). Our products have high added value, garanteed by robot welding, CNC machining and the 5 cabin painting line.

Verarbeiten Pausits Ltd. Is operating with its legal predecessor, Pausits Industrial Company, for nearly 30 years in steel industry. The plant is located in Halászi, in the northwestern region of Hungary and is 100% in hungarian property. The company had been started with a 300 m2 workshop and several workers and nowadays employs 90-100 people in 8000 m2 indoor area. Thanks to the continuous development and international experiences our machine park and experts are capable of processing 8.000 tons of steel yearly.

80% of our customers are Western European companies, but we manufactured unique structures for our Middle Eastern customers as well.
Our company has MSZ EN ISO 9001, MSZ EN ISO 14001 and EN 1090 certifications.

Please view our introducing brochure and contact us through phone or e-mail, or visit our plant personally.

Best regards

Imre Pausits
owner executive