High added value – painting

Following the current trends our goal is to add the highest value to the manufactured products. An indispensable part of this is the primary and color painting. Painting gives the first impression of the delivered products to our partners, therefore it has outstanding importance to use painting technologies that are matching with the 21th century’s requirements. There are five cabins in the 40 m long painting line, which individually contain washing station, preparation station, primary and top coat painting station and drying station. The line furthermore contains a lower and higher court conveyor, which greatly ease and fasten the material handling saving us time and energy.

In the cabins we are albe to paint products up to 6.000 kg weight, 6.000 mm length, 3.000 mm width and 2.500 mm height. The appropriate mixing ratio is ensured by 2 Promix tank. To recycle sewage there is a closed settling system in which the filtered water goes back to usage.

The painting cabin meets the strictest environmental, fire safety and OHS requirements.