Robotic welding

Quality and speed: the welding robots



Verarbeiten Pausits Ltd. Bought 3 welding robots in 2014 to complete the orders faster and to compensate the growing lack of experts. Our goal is obviosly the reduction of the welding time in serial production along with making quality better. Thanks to the robots work, we could redirect our qualified welders to unique production.

Besides single wire welding we equipped our welding robots with tandem welding option as well. Furthermore the robots have touching sensor, arc sensor and iCSE LD offline sensor.

Two of our robots are able to move along 13 axes, the “L” shaped rotary device can rotate products up to 5.000 kg. The robots have 4 arms, which can move in a 5.000 mm diameter area one by one.

The third welding robot is able to move along 9 axes and its 2 rotary devices can rotate products between 3.000 mm and 10.500 mm length and up to 6.000 kg weight. These devices are rotateable in 360 degrees.
Each robot arm has two workplace for the maximum utilization. These workplaces are divided by protective walls to ensure the safe and cotinuous work even in automatic mode.